Monday, June 6, 2011

Meeting "Pierre Honeyman" tonight

This will be the second Flickr member I have met in the flesh. The first was OrbitGal, who did not disappoint.

The plan is to watch the Canucks play the Bruins, an away game, in a pub with outdoor seating. God only knows how I'll make my way back to my hotel after the game. Win or lose, Canucks fans take to the streets after big games, and make their feelings known.

I am tempted to go home with a Canucks jersey, but I think it would be one of of those souvenirs that, when examined soberly in Southern California, seems like a waste of money.


  1. girl get that jersey and bring it home! then take some sexy selfies in it and send it to all of your canadian boyfriends! i love you girl!

  2. I love you babe. I got a few shots of Pierre and his GF, but did not manage to drag them to my room for a threesome! They are both adorable, and she has an amazing dragonfly tattoo on her back. I did get a shot of that!